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Providing Resources

for ALL types of Cancer


"My desire for CCRC is to lessen the burden of a cancer diagnosis by providing financial, educational, and emotional support."​

- Glenda Cousar, RN, BSN, OCN


CCRC will incorporate education both holistic and nutritional, financial resources, and counseling along with supplemental patient navigation for everyday life logistics.



Glenda Cousar, Founder & Executive Director, has been a Registered Nurse for 35 years and has specialized in Oncology Nursing for the past 27 years. She has heard the cry of many families as well as assisted them with locating and connecting them to the many different resources in the community.  Because of this need and her desire to help, Ms. Cousar founded Cancer Connection Resource Center (CCRC).  As the founder, she has brought together a team of like-minded and highly capable people to work together to provide assistance for those in need.  Co-Founders, Angela Ballard (Clinical Researcher) and Barbara Grant-Proctor (Financial Educator) joined Ms. Cousar to assist families in our community in need of a comprehensive support solution to help them navigate through everyday life logistics. 

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Medical Team

Cancer Connection Resource Center

​A 501c3 Organization
​P.O. Box 6906, Largo, MD  20792

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